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Berezovets: In the Kerch fired the entire staff of

children's tuberculosis sanatorium in Crimea dramatically deteriorating healthcare industry. In particular, to cut salaries for medical workers and cuts them load: payments fell an average of three times. On Thursday, March 19, was dismissed the entire staff TB sanatorium in childrenKerch. This Facebook wrote Ukrainian political strategist and journalist Taras Berezovets. Post presents it in original language: &Laquo; Russian World t vsey beauty. When hours ago Only nachynalas okkupatsyya Crimea, mestne doctors okazalys among the most oblaskannh. That was the Russians need it podderzhkoy enlist leaders of mestnh Reviews. And doctors alwaysbly ymi. In First mesyats to the Crimean doctors and nurses sharply povsyly salary. Receive Medsestr were 12-15 of thousands, doctors were paid 22-28 thousand. All Today This is already in the past. Avto pays kopeyky, medical sokraschayut load. As a result, vplat Now fallen on average 3 times! In Kerch proyzoshlo nemslymoe in general. All collective kerchenskoho childish protyvotuberkuleznoho sanatoryya on Thursday bl uvolen. For neskolko days to toho doctors obratylys with writing for Putin and Kadrovu with prosboy sberech unykalnoe lechebnoe Uchrezhdenie for children. When sanatorium rabotal Ukraine, Russia on okazalsya not nuzhen. Answer debt itself is not forced to wait. Slave is not permitted trevozhyt king. In Stalinskye Seasons nayvne citizens tozhe wrote the letter comrades Stalin. THEY veryly, something repressyy proyshodyat without vedoma leader. A consequence This is tyranny mestnh officials. Comrades Stalin ymel spetsyfycheskoe feeling humor. Vseh authors of letters Typically prisons awaiting Or rasstrel. Comrades Putin graciously. Online has not yet been sazhaet and not kazniti and Only uvolnyaet.But nalytso Trends & raquo ;. Told