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In Lviv according Organized Crime Department arrested smugglers hang-glider-

border guards along with police officers prevented an attempt to smuggle three intruders consignment of cigarettes across the state border to Poland via trike. In detainees seized several thousand packs of tobacco products. The issue of legal classification diand detainees. night guards Mostyska squad detectives and OCD Interior Ministry in Lviv region trying to prevent the movement of tobacco products through the border. Operatives OCD received information that the attackers are planning to transfer to Poland batch of tobacco products. To do this, smugglers wanted to use trike. The information obtained by the police handed over to border guards. As a result, police tracked and arrested three attackers on the outskirts of a village in the Mykolaiv region, Lviv region. Offenders unit is preparing to take off. They like using trikes move to Poland 8000 packs of cigarettes. Also on-sitedetention police found two cars that criminals brought cigarettes and aircraft to take-off places. The detainees appeared three citizens of Ukraine. Trike pilot had a 30-year-old Odessa. Two of his assistants - Lviv residents aged 30 and 31 years. We already know of several cases of illegal crossing of state offendersavnoho abroad who confirmed trike pilot. The issue of legal qualification of detainees. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine Lviv region