Kerry said the "significant progress" in talks on Tehran's nuclear program

US Secretary of State John Kerry said the « significant progress » negotiations on Tehran's nuclear program and at the same time being « gaps » towards agreement. He said before flying from London to Lausanne Swissto meet with representatives in negotiations on Germany, France and the UK. It is reported. Kerry also denied rumors of disagreement within the negotiating group between the US and France. &Laquo; We are united in our goal, our approach and determination to provide exceptionally peaceful Iranian program & raquo ;, – said derzhseCretaro USA. According to Kerry, to make a deal with Iran in a hurry is not necessary, it is important to avoid defects and inaccuracies. &Laquo; We do not want just any agreement & raquo ;, – Kerry added. Comments Secretary of State ’ appeared after the statement of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, who said that « there is nothing which we could not solve & raquo ;, andAgreement « are actually on hand & raquo ;. Representatives of Iran and six of the participants in the dialogue about Tehran's nuclear program suspended on the eve of their weekly talks in Switzerland. The Iranian delegation decided to return to Tehran for the funeral of President Hassan Rouhani mother, and to celebrate Nowruz – Persian New Year. Ilen, still insists that its nuclear activities have solely peaceful, but Western countries fear that this activity may be a cover for developing nuclear weapons. Framework agreement with Iran's nuclear program, with the prior agreement of the parties, to be concluded by 31 March, and final – 30 June. Tentative datepoverennnya to negotiations with representatives of Iran – 25 March.