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Ivano-Frankivsk police tracked down citizens who stole building materials

on suspicion of stealing from church territory arrested 28-year-old kalushanyna, and in a village in the district Snyatynsky 18-year-old citizen robbed of their fellow villagers. In Kalush police caught previously convicted citizen of that territoryChurch stole building materials, reinforcement rods. A police Snyatynsky District Police tracked down 18-year-old person who penetrated into the court of the villagers and robbed them. Zloumyshlennitsy managed to make 26 pieces of reinforcement, different length and diameter metal angle metelevu pipe and even letter metal sheet. Militsionery check these citizens involvement in the commission of other crimes and, while these facts investigated criminal proceedings for criminal offenses - theft. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine Ivano-Frankivsk