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In Uzhhorod rescuers defused three GDP since World War II

March 19 in Uzhgorod on the street. Bulgarian found multiple explosive devices. The corresponding message is to quickly rescue service at 16:45. In suspicious findings came across a local resident during ground works on own yard. Todisposal of ammunition left at the scene of pyrotechnic specialists work for rescue squad of special purpose. They seized three ammunition from the ground during World War II – two artillery shells caliber 125 and 152 mm anti-tank mine and TMI-43. All dangerous discovery was immediately disposed of. Transcarpathianrescue once again urge citizens to be careful and cautious during excavation or walk in the woods, because any time a person can come across echoes of war. If this occurs, do not touch suspicious metallic object and move it to another location. It is strictly forbidden to try to defuse yourself explosionovyy device. Instead, it is necessary to mark the place of finding and inform the authorities, local government, police or call the emergency services by calling 101. In DSNS Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region