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Tyholoz: National identity - is not just a gift of God, it forms the man and its environment

human identity - not just a gift from God. Identity is formed and the individual and its environment. A striking example of this was the famous Ukrainian poet, activist Elena OUN Teliha who grew up in St. Petersburg, chauvinistic, but she later thisBe "has chosen Ukrainian." Bogdan Tyholoz. Photo: This is the opinion known philologist Bogdan Tyholoz visiting Project « The historical truth of Vakhtang Kipiani » (Every Sunday at 22:30, Thursdays at 22:00 on Channel ZIK). &Laquo; chauvinistic After living in St. Petersburg, Prague when she was 17-18 years old, came in Telihaamong young, very talented, creative and artistic Ukrainian, in which she was heard her. Therefore, under the influence of charismatic people she chose themselves as Ukrainian & raquo ;. In addition, according to Bogdan Tyholoz, Helen example Teligi – this is an example of how a person deliberately and gradually developed itself, shaped their ideology and principles. Ureshthose in 1939. This led her into the ranks of the OUN. &Laquo; It has shaped their ideology, it was not dannist. And their mission of ONU activist Elena Teliha seen in education, she was able to attract people. It was a woman that can not be ignored & raquo ;, – scholar says. Even the tragic death of the poet – it is a conscious choice to endfollow its principles. When in early 1942 in Kyiv began the second wave of arrests of Ukrainian Nationalists, Elena Teliha, which is headed by the Union of Ukrainian writers, rather than flee the city remained. Ultimately it was shot at Babi Yar. On the death of his wife and left her husband, Michael Teliha. &Laquo; She could BPyatuvatysya escape, but that would be no story about Helen Teliha, – Bohdan Tyholoz. &Shy; – It was a complete and consistent man. So when wrote: « Our Ukrainians no compromise & raquo ;, then could not go against your own words. Not properly be interpreted Teliha as a national heroine, who had soughtostverdzhennya and glory, wanted to create his own myth even at the cost of his life. One article Teliha wrote that heroism worthless without the usual civil courage. Each are capable to create a cult hero, who can worship. But many people are not capable of normal daily citizenship. I think when Teliha went to death, thinking within the districtis a category of heroism, but just found normal citizenship & raquo ;. Told