In the Zhytomyr region firefighters fire twice eliminated in household buildings

immediately 5 posts on fire auxiliary buildings came to the fire and rescue units Zhytomyr. Double row had to travel to the challenges firefighters Luhyny area. In particular, about 14:00 to firefighters village Luginy was reported byhoryannya barn, located directly in the center of the district. This nadzvychaynykiv notified neighbor who first noticed flame ’ i. Upon arrival of the next guard rescuers from the burning building was thick smoke. Due to operational actions fighters at 13:55 DSNS are able to locate the fire, and at 14:10 – completely eliminated. As Mr.aslidok fire managed to destroy a part of the roof and wall damage. Another economic building Luginsky firefighters managed to save from destruction in the village. Birch chest. As in the previous case, suffered the destruction of the walls and roof of the room. In is located near the center of the house fire, flame ’ I do not spread. In theresult of both fires killed and injured have been identified. The causes of fires and the amount of damages and the preserved material values ??currently set by experts. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region