Not sure about the monument Sheptytskyi discussion - is the most important - the grandson of

in a democratic society should be a discussion on various issues, but in Ukraine in Lviv is more important problems than the issue of design of monument Metropolitan Andriy. This opinion Playing « Certain Regard » on TV ZIK expressed vnuchaMetropolitan th nephew, Polish politician Andrzej Sheptytsky. &Laquo; This has to be so that the government says there should be city ’ Monument, and there will be a new road, and there will be school – all. That is, on the one hand, such a discussion – it is always needed. On the other hand, I am not sure whether discussion of city ’ Monument Sheptitskiy – thisis the most important debate that is to be in Ukraine in Lviv. There are, for example, other topics related to economic reforms relating to war with Russia & raquo ;, – he said. However cousin Andrew Sheptitskogo stressed that he would not want to city ’ Five of the Metropolitan was formal. &Laquo; Obviously, I think that Mr Lvivotribnyy city ’ Sheptytskyi Monument. So for me it's not the most important thing. Anyway, I know very well that in Lviv city ’ yatayut of Sheptitskiy. Only there is a difference between asking whether somebody city ’ yatayut, and that they know him. We, as a family Sheptitskiy, we want to Ukrainian and Polish Jews, so that they know SheptytsWho & raquo ;, – said the analyst. Told