On the rules of road safety traffic police informed live radio "Luck" (+ photos)

soon start school holidays, so police attention focused on preventing accidents involving minors. Therefore inspector of traffic police in Volyn region Inga Smith during the live broadcast on the radio "Luck" saidIla is there anything in the first place to look out for parents and children to prevent trouble. The inspector noted that a vacation - a vacation primarily for children, and - attention is greatly reduced coordination, in fact - children forget about their own safety: - Bicycles, skates, roller skates - are additional factors that could cause accidents because Mr.aychastishe Students go on the road without worrying about the consequences. According to Inga Smith, in the region this year happened 12avtopryhod involving minors, where three children were killed and 22 - were injured: - As of fault accidents children, there were two. Unfortunately, in both cases with underage pedestriansahynuly. Therefore, parents and teachers should always conduct preventive conversations with children and classes to study and repetition rules of safe behavior on the road. Moreover - to show by example how to cross the road or something. In addition, Inga Smith appealed to listeners to not be indifferent: - If you notice thatstudent intends to run across the road in prohibited place or at red lights, is to prevent fraud and to tell you how to do it correctly. It should be emphasized that even at the pedestrian crossing should not lose vigilance. Remember, the driver may be drunk or drugged, and therefore notreact to road signs. Finally, the inspector said: there are rules in order to adhere to them. When the "Law" is the health and life of the movement can be no question of exceptions. UGAI Internal Affairs of Ukraine Volyn region

Source: http://artlife.rv.ua/