Rescuers held jointly with the police for public school students Rivne action "Vector Security"

March 19 in the territory of Rivne Gymnasium « Harmony » Rescuers State Treasury of Ukraine of Emergencies in conjunction with the provincial Department of the Interior and the State, organizedpublic events for students « Vector Security & raquo ;. The main purpose of the event was a practical demonstration of all present opportunities fire-rescue techniques, familiarity with equipment and equipment that is in service in the Police Department. Also kids got a real opportunity to talk with experts in different directions, askquestions that most interest them and get professionally-educated specialists answer. This is especially true during the regime of high alert. On all hazards related ’ associated with this period, experts from the State Service of emergency and police briefed in detail and reminded the students the basic rules of safe life, including in the case of totalrose terrorist or military action. Rescuers DSNS paid special attention to the rules of conduct during emergencies, told how to act in case of hazardous and suspicious objects. Also, students of the institution to know more about the shelter population in the defenses and learned about the greatfork stay in them. As they say, the theory is needed, but the practice is much more interesting. Firefighters in an understandable form described the rescue equipment, with which abolished the consequences of emergencies, complex accidents and major fires. Moreover, the present practice demonstrated WMSportunities benzoriza, bag, hydraulic shears, respiratory protection device, and so on. In addition, all interested Optional tried fighting clothing Fire Savior. After the event was photographed for memory with rescuers and police officers on the background of machinery. That day has not gone unnoticed by any student, all presented pasm ’ points of interest on the basics of safe life. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region