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In Khmelnytsky needed to prepare a fire risk period

Recently the all-Ukrainian selector meeting chaired by Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine - Chief of Staff Alexander Senya on the state of play and prepare for forest fire risk period of 2015. The delegation of Khmelnitsky regionheaded by the deputy head of the regional administration Vladimir Kalnichenko. In a conference also attended by the heads of the Department of Agro-industrial Development, Department of Economic Development and Trade Administration, kerivnky territorial bodies Derzhlisahenstva and DSNS in Khmelnitsky region. Alexander Sen noted that playlistent and forest land should pay serious attention. In addition, the need to preserve existing plantations. Every year during the fire risk period (March to November) forests suffer heavy losses, so this year should further equip 150 km of fire breaks and update billboards. The information was