In the Volyn region requires prosecutors to return the land to state ownership reserve

Volyn Oblast Prosecutor's Office forwarded to court claims for return to state ownership of land of natural reserve fund that was illegally granted to citizens. Thus, the prosecution established that the Head of State Turiysk districther administration was granted permission to drafting land for allotment of land ownership in four citizens for gardening. Subsequently the projects approved by the Deputy Head of RSA. Subsequently, the new owners have registered these plots in the management of the State Committee and received them state acts on theproperty. Meanwhile, none of the documents has not been specified, provided the land is part of the reserve of local importance zahalnozoolohichnoho " & quot ;, Ozeryanske belonging to the natural reserve fund of Ukraine. Passing such as land ownership or use can only Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine. Therefore, the court directed the prosecutionclaims for rescission of illegal disposal of first deputy heads of administration to invalidate state acts on the ownership and return of land with total area of ??0.48 hectares worth 116 thousand. USD. the state. This was reported in the press service of the Prosecutor Volyn region