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Participants "Vatra" different generations celebrate the anniversary of the Lviv Philharmonic Bilozir

to mark the 60th anniversary of the birth of composer, People's Artist of Ukraine Igor Blozira 22 and 23 March in Lviv Philharmonic held a musical project, which was the theme of the song composer "Wheat Wisp ". According to the press serviceand Lviv Regional State Administration, at the time this song was the business card « Vatra & raquo ;. In the concert will participate mainly vatrivchany, those who worked with Igor Bilozir. At one stage performers gather his first songs. It « Vatra » 80, and the present « Vatra » under the direction of Andrew Kucherepy. Out « Vatra » 80th in the concertthey will participate Marta Katerina, Igor Kurach, Alex Serduk John Ogar, Andrew Birch, Oleg Kulchytsky, Yuri Kedrynske. Among the soloists vatrivchan – Oksana Bilozir, Mar ’ Yang Shunevych first singer song composer « not rash glass soap » Igor Bogdan, violinist Oleg Kulchytsky first singer « Afterschool » Dewlapdymyr Prasolenko and many others. Almost all of the songs compiled concert Ihor Bilozir, the report, in addition will feature several folk songs in his treatment. For the first time in impressive musical presentation to attract Symphony Orchestra concert with rhythmic group « 19 class & raquo ;. Academic Youth Symphony Orchestra « INSO-Lviv » trampoline act under Vladimir Syvohopa. The Tale of Ihor Bilozir deliver songster Bohdan Stelmach and People's Artist of Ukraine Fedor Stryhun. The concert program will last about two hours. In addition, on display in the lobby Philharmonic Vladimir Dubas photo exhibition, which is the first in years « Vatra » waslaskorom, films of staff, who also accompanied the concert on stage. Recall that in 2015 in Lviv declared the Year of People's Artist of Ukraine, composer, Head « VIA Vatra » Ihor Bilozir. Told