Ternopil, in ongoing training activities of the Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving

payments for consumed energy state provision of telecommunications services area of ??JSC "Ukrtelecom" and mail services from UDPPZ "Ukrpochta" discussed during the meeting of the Board of the Department of Infrastructure , transportthat tourism Ternopil Regional State Administration. His acting on behalf of the Chairman of the State Administration Ivan Krysaka held on 19 March. Therefore, the Deputy Director of Development Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Regional Administration - Head of transport infrastructure, energy sector and CommunicationsNicholas Michalski reported on the level of debt for consumed in natural gas, heat and electricity. Those areas where the lowest pay, obliged to take immediate measures to settle the obligation. "In order to improve the settlement consumers use energy debt permanently rozhlyadayutsya implementation of measures of energy efficiency and conservation. It was decided to develop and submit for approval to the department heads of OSA in place appropriate measures for 2015. As such measures applied only Zalishchyky, Lanivtsi, Shumsky areas and the city. Ternopil. Also recalls reporting of antykryzovyh energy headquarters, which must be made up to the mark "- Mykola Michalski. According to Acting Director of Ternopil branch of PJSC "Ukrtelecom" Sergei Benko, 67% of handsets in the district state administrations should disable through debt. Despite the late payment of services "Ukrtelecom" provided for inquate level. In particular, the density of telephone systems is 47 units per 100 households in the area density of 12 radio outlets in 100 families Internet connection covering 145 settlements. Regarding the status of mail services in the field of "Ukrposhta" serves 1057 settlements. Service of "Ukrposhta" recommended to improve and upgrade.In addition, during the meeting emphasized the conduct of security measures and ensure mobilization work in the field. "We must all unite and intensify the work on-site audit defense, public address system, - the director of the Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism Administration Vasyl Yasinovskyi. - Mobilization pitation should be on the daily control unit managers. Also call to take measures to save money and resources in this difficult period for the country. " A DSA prepare and submit information on the work on appropriate orders that are given following the meeting of the board of the department. The results of theWork will consider at the meeting of the Ternopil Oblast State Administration, to be held on 25 March. This was reported in the Ternopil Regional State Administration

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