Mikhail Golovko: " NBU and the government encouraged the flourishing black market currency "

introducing new taxes and fees from the circulation of currency, the National Bank and the Cabinet actually encourage the flourishing black market currency. This March 19, 2015, said MP of Ukraine PA " Freedom " Mikhail Golovko, commenting on the introduction of a CollectionORU for sale and purchase of foreign currency. The parliamentarian said that under the law " On Amendments to the Tax Code and other legislative acts & quot ;, from 13 March all revenues from transactions with currency assets (other than securities) involving the transfer of ownership of such currency values, putting military duties for the stateto standard rate of 1.5%. &Quot; With the introduction of these standards all operations - non-cash and cash - with the sale or purchase of foreign currency levy of 1.5 per cent tax. If literally fulfill the rules of law, that the sale of public shoot 1.5% when buying currency - 3.5%, since 1 January this year introduced a special fee on cash transactionsovoyu currency of 2% (1 January - 0.5%), which rush by banks to the pension fund if customers buy a foreign currency & quot ;, - said Mikhail Golovko. He stressed that such restrictions on buying / selling - is actually a new tax on currency holders. This, no doubt, will force ordinary Ukrainian as well exportersand importers to look for other ways to exchange the hryvnia and vice versa. &Quot; The army should be supported, taxing oligarchs military training, introducing a tax on luxury, struggling with the withdrawal of funds offshore. His absurd innovations NBU and the government actually help to increase the circulation of illegal currency. Previously it was true To sendof cash, it is possible to predict the formation of the black market and non-cash currency. It is now possible to state that the Ukrainian export falls off, respectively, of foreign exchange comes less and less. NBU continues to force exporters to sell 75% of foreign exchange earnings, losing on exchange rate difference for keep stable hryvnia National Bank on OKVF declined since 5 February. Undoubtedly, additional fiscal burden facilitate the deepening recession in the economy and lead to a further decline in income derzhb'yudzhetu. And earn restrictions on speculators and crime & quot ;, - summed svobodivets. This was reported in the press service of the Ternopil regional organization VO " Freedom "