In the Rivne region traffic police were on administrative protocol driver - the offender (+ photos)

Traffic police officers Rivne brought to administrative responsibility of the driver of "Reno," which violated traffic rules on Pushkin Street Rivne March 18 site "magic" was described Photo-fact violation of traffic rulescar driver who left his vehicle on the sidewalk, the most violated Section. 15.10.b SDA. Photo published offender Facebook rivnyanka, who asked the driver to help move the carriage to move because the sidewalk with two children it was not possible. There are currently no driver "Reno" 28-year-old Victor inspectors were ADMINISTRAatyvnyy report on Part 1 Art. 122 CAO and made the decision imposing a fine as you 255 USD. In addition, when checking the vehicle "Reno" by the State Planning Department inspectors determined that the vehicle is wanted by ICE evasion fines for traffic violations. This car will deliverenyy to the site temporarily detained vehicles Rivne. At the same time the State workers called upon all who witnessed gross violation of traffic rules, including stopping and parking rules immediately calls to spetsliniyu "102" or control traffic police Internal Affairs on the number for the corresponding re 63-58-21ahuvannya and bringing offenders in accordance with applicable law. This was reported in the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs UGAI Ukraine in Rivne region