In Vinnytsia new legislation on pensions (+ photos) About

innovations provided by law Ukraine " On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of Ukraine on pensions "waiting vinnichan discussed during the press conference the head of the Pension Fund in Vinnitsa region Ukraine Mykola JuneChernenko and deputy head of department Larisa Wild. During assembly Nikolay Chernenko said that the law takes effect on the first of April and involves changing the legal rules governing pension issues in three main blocks. The first relates to payments to pensioners who work on " special " positions. In particularEMA are government officials, prosecutors, judges, MPs. "Changes to 14 " pension " changes in laws provide that the period of these posts are intended to pensions are not paid to dismissal. It does not matter the type of pension and the law under which it is intended. However, the pensioner has the choice between continuedchew work on " Specialty " and receive salaries or resign from office and receive a pension "- Mykola Chernenko. However, the said provision does not apply to disabled Groups I and II, disabled veterans group III, combatants, family members of military personnel, members of anti-terrorist operations. All are in any- Where the work will get assigned a pension in full. Pensionery- " & quot ;, scientists working on " Specialty, will receive 85 percent of their pension calculated under general rules. The second block concerns the payment of pensions and other categories of working pensioners. They envisaged that during roboyou paid 85% of the designated pension. "This only applies to pensioners, pension exceeding 1,5 living wage established for persons who are unable to work - 1423.5 USD. Pensions intended of less than 1423.5 USD. Working pensioners are paid in full. In working pensioners, whichpension over 1423.50 USD. and that the pension will be paid at 85%, in any case, the amount of pension payable will be at least 1423.5 USD. The above rate is valid until 01sichnya 2016 "- Mykola Chernenko. Currently registered are just 79,517 civilians employed pensioners, or 16% of the total population (484691); the number of pensioners among military and security forces - in 2372, or 26% of the total (20 161). "Working pensioners of disabled Groups I and II, disabled veterans group III, combatants, members of military families and retirees pensions which are designed in accordance with the Law of Ukraine" On Pensione for persons discharged from military service and certain other persons ", the pension is paid in full regardless of rozmiru.U all cases after the dismissal, including from the " & quot ;, Specialty pension payment renewed in full" - said during a press conference Nikolay Chernenko. In addition, the law provides mediaus terms of appointment of privileged pensions and seniority. So from April 1, gradually changing age women needed to pensions on preferential terms. The law Persons covered by the law The retirement age women varies from 45 years to 50 years - women who were born after 01.04.1970 the list number 1 (laneElika particularly harmful and the most severe of professions and works approved Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine) from 50 years to 55 years - women who were born after 04.01.1965 - The list number 2 (for harmful and difficult professions and works approved Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine); - Tractor-driver; - Milkmaids, pig; - Employed in farmedor tobacco; - Workers of textile production; - Drivers of public passenger According to Deputy Chief of the Pension Fund of Ukraine in the process of Larissa Wild happen gradually over 10 years - every year for 6 months. The above change is the need to agree on preferential retirement age for women from the generalof the pensionable age for women is gradually changing from 1 October 2011. Also in stages 6 months a year changing the overall experience for the purpose of privileged pensions. It is necessary duration of preferential seniority remains unchanged. "The legislation provides that compensation funds for the payment and delivery fieldsDuty pensions Pension Fund of Ukraine carried out at the expense of businesses. As of 01/03/2015 on arrears of reimbursement for the payment and delivery of privileged pensions of over 22 million. USD. This leads to the need to make payments of privileged pensions actually due to all other pensioners "- said Larissaand wild. Also at 5 years in stages over 10 years 6 months per year varies total length of work experience required for a pension for retirement, and for certain categories of workers - qualifying years. This applies in particular locomotive crews of workers and employees in field exploration work, Robeatniks on logging and rafting, Navy crew, staff education and health care, and other artists. Thus, conditions pensions for retirement in terms of length of service previously acquired special remain unchanged. For example, a teacher, a doctor, who on April 1, 2015 worked for 25 years, can at any timeafter dismissal exercise his right to appoint and pension for retirement. Changes in assignment of privileged pensions and pensions for retirement will affect only new pensioners. "The above changes relating to pension legislation generally up to 25.5 thousand. Persons already receiving pensions and retirein who plan to retire by age concessional and seniority. The remaining 478.6 thousand. Pensioners receive their pensions are still in full "- said Larissa wild. Reference: As of March 17/03/2015 pensions funded in the amount of 569.1 million. UAH., That is 78.6% of the monthly needs. Financing modbuvayetsya on a fixed schedule. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration