In the Lviv region rescuers through the media warn people about the dangers of burning dead

Lviv rescuers continue to warn people about the dangers of burning dry grass. March 18 deputy head of state supervision and control – Head of Fire Chief inBoard DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region Orestes Halonko participated in the program « Evening in Lviv » TRC in Lviv. To participate in the discussion live also invited the Director of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources Lviv Regional State Administration Bureau and a representative of the UGCC on environmental issues. Such problems pidnimayetXia repeatedly, we need only recall the recent meeting in LOSA roundtable on problems burning dry vegetation and remnant, impact on environment and society and the development of proposals to prevent such crimes. Environmentalists promonitoryly motives population on burning dead. The study established – home managers considerayut the new grass in place of burning is better, thicker and useful. This statement is completely false and confirmed. But finding the causes of burning dead, you can define the methods of influencing people. It – primarily school, church activities and administrative penalties. Only in combination may give a positive result.Representative rescue Orestes halonko said: « only from the beginning of the year in the Lviv region there were over three hundred fires in ecosystems as a result of which destroyed more than 500 thousand. Fertile land. To extinguish these fires attracted over a thousand workers DSNS and over 300 vehicles & raquo ;, – nadzvychaynyk said. &Ndash; « Fire deadwood different from other fires lasting liquidation and potential for scaling up. In this regard, the need to eliminate them involve a significant amount of rescue forces and special fuel for a long time & raquo ;. Most would-be home while performing chores disregard the rules of conduct of fireem. As a result, these fires can cause fire buildings, destruction of power lines, gas and oil pipelines, forest plantations and so on. Dangerous fire and there are some drivers of vehicles. Impaired visibility on the roads due to smoke from these fires can cause accidents. Supports colleagues in this belief and spiritualnstvo. UGCC aptly noted that grass – like the skin of the earth. And none of us has the right to destroy it, because it – at least irresponsible. So the priests urge people with love ’ S relate to the world created by God. Finally talk, people were reminded of the responsibility for unauthorized burning dead. Fromand unauthorized burning or residual law provides for a penalty of imposing a fine in the amount of ten to twenty times the income (from 170 to 340 USD) and officials – of n ’ fifty to seventy times the income (from 850 to1190 USD).