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Students Zhytomyr protect the country from disaster, creating a period of two months artistic and poetic refinement on fire-rescue and man-made themes

rescuers Zhytomyr announced several creative competitions among pupils and students aimed at raising awareness of the issues of safety of life and promoting the profession, theyatuvalnyka. Children manually produced and sent to the Office DSNS in Zhytomyr region more than 600 paintings on fire and rescue themes, crafts, literature and poetry, scripts, informative and entertaining events. 160 art works, including short stories, fairy tales, poetry and essays - were reviewed on March 18 in the framework of regional emUBA Ukrainian children's literary contest on fire and technological themes « protecting the country from disasters & raquo ;. Evaluated and chosen the best specialists of the Department of DSNS, Education, the regional organization of volunteer fire companies, by radio with the safety of life, art and entertainment and didactic literaturry for children Korzh Elena. Palette thematic display of literary works concerned the prevention of fires, tragedies on water bodies and actions in finding explosive devices, life and fictional stories from the entourage of young authors, work, study and life of professional rescuers and firefighters young wives. - Up to 20 best literarys work in three age categories, we plan to send Ukrainian (final) stage of the competition to be held in April in the city. Kiev, - said the head of the rescue service area Nikitchuk Games. - I could see how talented and knowledgeable young people are Zhytomyr. I wish that every child's work was appreciated and left St.second mark in the history DSNS Ukraine. Therefore, the jury decided Duty ’ sure to find a place and the subsequent application of preventive work numerous drawings, paintings hand made from clay, cereals, grains, ribbons and paper. The most interesting literary achievements will use scenarios in shares and television programs for children and youth. Also conit enables you to release them in the form of newspapers, books or collections. At the end of the year everyone can see it all at a specially arranged exhibition of art works, and further – at the Museum of Civil Protection. In recent years, in the tendency to reduce the number of fires the fault of the children deaths and injuries in the younger generationdifferent situations. Children are better than adults familiar with the basic rules of action in emergency situations, know how to avoid danger and help their neighbors. First of all, thanks to a valuable educational work that rescuers Zhytomyr actively conduct cooperation with volunteer fire company, Regional State TV and Radio Company, commandsth DYUP « restless » school 3 m. Zhytomyr and educators opening explore the basics of safety of small pets kindergartens. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region