In the Zhytomyr region in carrying out preventive work rescuers do not ignore the countryside

In order to take additional preventive measures to prevent fires, death and injury on them Zhytomyr rescuers continue working integrated housing sector and rural villages situated onthe region. Thus, on March 18 nadvzychaynyky together with representatives of local authorities, social workers, educators and doctors conducted a comprehensive fire-preventive testing Soloviyivskoyi village council Brusilovsky district. Special attention was paid during working Rose ’ yasnyuvalniy work with odesnokymy and senior citizens, seven large ’ pits; unreliable families whose members abuse alcohol. In fact, statistics show most affected by the fire citizens who belong to high risk group ’ it turned out that in this population the issue of fire safety premises are not in paragraphershomu city. Each of them had reydovyky preventive talks and handed leaflets to the rules of safe behavior in the home, on the water, in the woods and in the detection of explosive devices. In Soloviyivskiy secondary school DSNS workers in the form of games held on the ability to measure the use of fire extinguishers proved to prysutnih rules of safe life, behavior in various situations, course of action in emergencies, acts of terrorism, sabotage, mining, and other hazards. In turn, the representative of the Health ’ I told everybody else in order to provide first aid to injured people and victims in different situations. Is obtainedtheoretically knowledge of security rescuers tested in practice, giving the signal « Attention all! & raquo ;. Students, teachers and staff quickly organized and evacuated from the school. Employees DSNS noted that such events are held regularly and are active by teaching people safe life culture. In DCNA in Zhytomyr region