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Detainees in Transcarpathia robbers chose his victims at par

bills Their victims were elderly. Total attackers kidnapped victims in more than 220 thousand. Hold thieves helped wrappers from chocolates. Recall that yesterday police in Transcarpathia was exposed and arrested bandits who committed the attacks on housing peopleelderly in Khust area. Details of this high profile case said Acting Chief of Internal Affairs Sergei Rossokha Transcarpathia. According to him, in the Transcarpathian region Khust since the year happened half a dozen daring robberies in single pensioners. The bandits wearing masks broke into the house at night victim, beaten and taken by the homeand money and gold. For a short time at the hands of bandits affected pensioners in rural Vilshany, Birch, curves and Monastyrets Hust district. First at the hands of daring robbers, in February, suffered an elderly couple from the village Berezovo Hust district. They masked robbers took all the savings of $ 12 thousand. The next flooridomlennya of robbery police received from s.Vilshany. Here was the victim of bandits alone 79-year-old grandfather, who lives on the outskirts of the village. His attackers stole 8000 USD and mobile phone. March 13 police received reports of another attack on the elderly, this time with s.Kryve. The victims were two sisters aged 78and 79 years. The attackers took away victims' money in the amount over 9 thousand and gold. Victim, 68-year-old woman and her 87-year-old mother of s.Monastyrets. Here gangsters have found a home 150 thousand and 2 thousand dollars that lean women gathered "rainy day". At the same time and grabbed a half pounds of candy. These candies and playedand bandits bad joke. For disclosure daring robberies was established team. It was led by Deputy Chief of Internal Affairs colonel of militia Vasily Rusin. Operatives was clear that in the Hust district operates gang. This was seen by "writing" attacks. In all cases the night in the homes of citizens broke four banditsmasked. The attackers beat defenseless people and took them money, mobile phones and jewelery. In one of the villages intermountain region attracted the attention of police a group of people - about 20 people. It turned out that they are residents of Odessa region. All these people lived in the same house. Officially Odesites allegedly sold the villages inexpensive Clothesg When the court said rozshukivtsi went home, they noticed the wrappers from the candy as the yard and in the house. Such sweet night robbers wearing masks "grabbed" from the house in the village of pensioners Monastyrets Hust district. When settlers settled for law enforcement officers, the first vidpyralysya. However, under the pressure of the collected evidence admittedcommitting robberies on single locals. The structure thuggish group included five from Odessa aged 25 to 42 years. He headed a gang of 33-year-old previously convicted man who spent his time in prison for murder. How to tell the attackers, the day they went in two cars in the villages Khust, offering for sale cheap Clothesg Chose the elderly. By entering into the house or the yard, studied the situation, escape routes. Particular attention was paid to the fact that bills calculated for the product grandmother or grandfather. If bills brand new and large, then offering wealthy. Gently asking who live in the house, or naviduyut their relatives etc. Interestingly, to enter into trustfor future offerings and get into the house, attackers sometimes gave their wares almost nothing. But stared attentively, which places a person gets the money. And night came back to the house, beat retired and took all their belongings. Regarding robbers opened criminal proceedings on st.187 (robbery) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, all of themtaken into custody. Currently, law enforcement officers gathered information about 5 robberies committed by these "performers" in Khust and Tyachevo areas of Transcarpathia. Now check their involvement in a number of other crimes, including in other regions of Ukraine. The investigation continues. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region