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In the Rivne region for interference by the state prosecutor's office returned

main pipelines At the initiative of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine 1433 km pipelines Samara-West direction and Grozny-Armavir-Work, passing through the territory of Ukraine, invoked the state property from illegal possession of a subsidiary Companyment "PrikarpatZapadtrans" Southwestern public corporation Russian oil pipelines stock company "Transnefteprodukt." The said main naftoproduktoprovid built in Soviet times as a strategic object of August 24, 1991 became the property of Ukraine. However, it continued illegally fororystuvatysya SE "PrikarpatZapadtrans" for transport through the territory of our country Russian light oil. In this regard, the Prosecutor General of Ukraine in order to protect public interests filed a claim for recognition of ownership of the specified property for the state and reclaim his illegal possession of a commercial entity.≪ / > Decisions of courts of first instance and appellate courts claim prosecutor was satisfied completely. Meanwhile SE "PrikarpatZapadtrans" and a number of stocks of the Russian Federation without leaving attempts to keep in his possession naftoproduktoprovid, appealed the court decision to the Supreme Economic Court of Ukraine. The Court of Cassation, conyanuvshy case March 17, 2015, agreed with the arguments of the prosecutor and court decisions left unchanged. Office of Public Relations and Media Prosecutor General of Ukraine