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Vinnytsia region, rescuers are taught safety of children and parents

On the region continues regional information campaign on teaching people basic aspects of civil protection. As part of which, focuses on training the younger generation. And given age, rescuers and educatorsfocus on the practical working of acquired knowledge. For the youngest conducted cognitive game « Dad, Mom, I – rescue a family, & raquo ;. Both children and parents compete for victory, demonstrating the ability to provide first first aid, use personal protective equipment, whole families find answers to questionsin the intellectual part of the game and prepared jointly protect home photo or video projects. &Laquo; In light of the events that are occurring in the country, the staff quickly stepped up rescue service learning diverse population bases of civil protection, - the chief lifeguard colonel Civil Protection Ruslan Shengvchuk. &Ndash; nadaktualnymy question is to teach Podolyan save his life not only in emergency situations and events. Our challenge is to convey to each elementary rules of behavior in case of war or terrorist threat. To reach out to everyone, we involve all the forms and methods & raquo ;. Teaching in a gamechildren and young rescuers Vinnichiny naturally incorporate this process and Adult – parents, teachers, staff education groups. Positive emotions, good memories, and most importantly – knowledge and skills – this is what is in each participant upon completion. PG DSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region