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Region: launched a campaign on fire safety "Safe City"

Lviv launched an information campaign « Safe City & raquo ;, developed jointly by the Directorate DSNS Ukraine in Lviv region and Citizen ’ unity « & raquo ;. Self The goal of – tell young lions ’ yanam the potential ofA risk of fire and steps to overcome them. The symbol of our campaign is Lion savior, who always knows all the rules of safe behavior and has the most interesting mysteries of the Lion City. Rescuers together with volunteers Security Center City tell kids about the basic rules of conduct to prevent fire. With the kids speakers obhovoryuyut fireproof items that can cause a fire. Schoolchild tested for knowledge by asking logical questions about the rules of conduct during a dangerous situation. Do kids know how to act in case of fire? This rescuers and volunteers ’ yasovuyut during training. Children exercised in simulation hazardous events and messagesDisplay of Rescue of it by calling « 101 & raquo ;. At that coaches emphasize Duty ’ yazkovosti specify in the notice the following data: address and the place where the fire occurred, the subject that burns and his name and the name ’ i. Experts DSNS repeated with kids safety rules that can save the life: * Call the saveders at the number 101. Do not panic and do not escape to in the closet or under the bed. * Call for help adults. * Turn off all electrical appliances and stove in the kitchen. * Damp cloth annoying his nose and mouth, crawling up out of a dangerous premises. * Do not use the elevator. After a short lecture students showing academic cartoon on fire in different personathose. A pleasant surprise is completed training for kids – fun games and quizzes. Teams practice for finding items and conduct fire rescue fire from the hearth. And it all happens in special life jackets. To safety rules were always on hand schoolchild get city ’ yatni leafletsadvice from Leo Savior, how to act in case of fire. In addition to tips and rules of the card game is « Test yourself: how to act in case of fire? & Raquo ;. All are curious and smart are able to always called ’ yazatysya of rescuers and Security Center City through social networks. Look nac network Facebook: https: // The campaign has already held the first training of third-grade secondary school 36. Such training will take place in all schools in the city. Each child will know – be safe easy!