In the Rivne region during the liquidation of fire in a building, firefighters rescued a man

March 15th at 18:00 to the Rescue town of Dubno received information about a fire in a building on the periodic lane 7. At the address immediately left guard next local 5- th State Fire and Rescue parts. At the time of profitablecha rescue flame ’ I totally covered roof of a residential house. How can ’ it turned out, the locals have discovered fire already as roof house next door was fully covered by flame ’ pits. Only citizens and called the number « 101 & raquo ;. During the exploration rescuers found that firesand there in the room on the second floor, and the words of neighbors learned that the room may be people. Wasting no time firefighters in respiratory protection devices come in completely filled with smoke house. On the ground floor in one of the rooms of the National Assembly of the State Service fighters found her husband on the couch napivprytomnoho that due to the self feetyno could not get out of the smoke-filled house. Rescuers quickly brought her husband to fresh air and giving him first aid domedychnu gave his staff the ambulance. In parallel with the salvation of man, the second branch of firefighters with two water barrels eliminated the fire, not allowing the spread of fire tothe entire area of ??a dwelling house thus saving it from destruction. The fire destroyed the roof of the building, corridor, two rooms and household items. While the causes of fire and loss of volume ’ yasovuyutsya experts. Rescuers State Service for Emergency Situations again urge citizens to comply strictly with aleentarnyh fire safety to protect your home and property from fire. In the same case when fire broke out without wasting a second call to a number Rescue « 101 & raquo ;. PG DSNS Ukraine in Rivne region