In the Zhytomyr region during a fire in an apartment

people injured March 15 at 20:33 to the operational and management coordination center DSNS Zhytomyr was reported that in a studio apartment four-residential building, located on a street in the regional center, there was fire. Upon arrival of the next guardfirefighters to the scene found that the apartment is on the third floor. Going inside, nadzvychaynyky saw a burning mattress. Due to operational actions rescuers quickly eliminated the fire without letting it spread all over the area of ??the apartment. On ’ it turned out, he lived in the home 40-year-old. According to Sousseidiv, the owner abused alcohol and fuel directly into the apartment. This time he fell asleep, he took up the mattress on which he lay. Waking up, he saw the man was afraid and, probably for samoryatuvannya, jumped out of the window. Ambulance, arrived on call, he stated burn shoulder and a broken leg. The victim hospitalismridges to the Central City Hospital 1. Dear citizens! Rescuers warn you once again to comply with fire safety regulations and no smoking indoors, especially drunk. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region