Vinnytchina: Be careful, igniting a fire!

With the onset of warm weather fires are a real environmental disaster. In the spring of last year's grass dries quickly and is easy to light up a match or cigarette. Residents of houses and cottages start actively make order in households burning branches, dry grass and debris.Often the fire gets out of control rights and spreading rapidly, especially on windy days. Stop the fire, which came into force, is very difficult. The combustion of grass in gardens or stubble fields on the farm there is always a danger of tipping fire in forest plantations. It is from the burning of stubble and straw in the fields begins whiteshist fires in natural ecosystems. Similarly, there is a danger of forest fires and fire houses. Dear citizens! While on vacation in the country, Pottering in the gardens, gardens, cleaning adjacent territories institutions, enterprises and organizations, always follow the fire safety rules! Do not drop nepoLime matches or cigarettes. Before a fire, clear the place for him on dry grass within a radius of one meter. Do not leave your outstanding fire - fill it with water. Not depart from it until the smoke or steam. If you notice a fire starting, try to extinguish it at hand. Sometimes it is simply trample flame&Rsquo; i. If the fire has power and you can not eliminate it himself, immediately call the operational and rescue service by calling “ 101 & rdquo ;. We will be responsible for environmental protection. Together, Save the nature! Department DSNS Ukraine in Vinnitsa region