Prosecutors Rivne region continues to verify the legitimacy of officials of the region during the Revolution

Advantages of the prosecution Rivne region continues to work with the study material to establish the involvement of officials to the field of organizing the obstruction of peaceful protests during the Revolution dignity. The attention paid to the Suntanovlennyu facts connected with the organization "Antymaydan" obstruction of free expression citizens of their political positions, compelling employees of public organizations in various activities, illegal use of budget funds and other facts that may be actionable response. Currently, there is a need to obtainpublic more information about these offenses. Therefore, the prosecutor's office once again appeals to citizens to furnish information to law enforcement authorities on these issues, and if - photos and video, which recorded cases of offenses that may remain unknown to the pre-trialth investigation. Directly in Rivne Oblast Prosecutor citizens can seek hotline 62-33-81 or at:. Exactly vul.16 July 73 st. 201. If necessary, guaranteed confidentiality of sources of information received. Press service of the regional prosecutor's office