In the industry Vinnytsia consumer services professional holiday celebrated

March 15 - Day of consumer services. At Vinnytsia life steadily growing industry. Now in the region there are 3410 objects of consumer services, and 10 years ago there were 3 times less. Scope of Servicesincreasing annually by 25 - 30%. In order to ensure quality rural public services, bringing them closer to providing habitat citizens in the rural development program operated network field life, which aims to improve community services for the rural population, providing effective demand widerange of services. The enterprises and facilities services area is about 11 thousand people who provide personal services to the population Individual (tailoring, shoe repair, clothing, hairdressing services and photos repair of complex household appliances and radio - oaeaoaeaaia services Dry cleaning pools, etc. ). Worthy hold brand education sphereservices operating in Vinnytsia region. Their students confirm their professionalism on interregional competitions such as "Kalinowo necklace" hairdressing championships, which annually brings championship team awards and trophies. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration