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Volyn Regional Council supported the request of Alexander Pyrozhyka on massive cuts to PAT " Elektrotermometriya "

March 13, 2015 during an extraordinary session of Volyn Regional Council, First Deputy Chairman of the Board svobodivets Alexander Pyrozhyk announced parliamentary inquiry to the prosecutor about the legality D.Chepizhaka massive cuts in lutskomu PAT " & quot ;, Elektrotermometriya during which participants get the recent protests against the tyranny of the management. In December 2014 employees of a public company " Elektrotermometriya " resorted to mass protests against arbitrariness in Lutsk administration of the company and the violation of their employmentand social rights - inadequate working conditions, providing work, unpaid wages and so on. Requirements protesters then actively supported by representatives of the VO " Freedom & quot ;. After December's strike, according to the applicants, the plant began mass layoffs. First laid off were the initiators of the protest that ctali to protect labor collective, bodybuilding, Natalia Omelchenko, Vladimir Chekus and others. People believe that the company's administration thus deals with them through their active citizenship. Applicants believe that reasonable grounds for reducing the administration was not. &Quot; It is a question and local, dosand " & quot ;, sovdepovskih trade union committee. Instead of protecting the legitimate rights and interests of workers trade union administration condones plant, giving consent to change the work schedule, including the transition in 2015 to a three-day working week & quot ;, - said on this occasion Alexander Pyrozhyk. Svobodivets appealed to the prosecutor demanding dayou instructed the competent authorities to carry out checks for the presence of violations of labor and social rights of workers of the plant, including the legality of reductions in employees. In case of violations of these nationalist demands take measures to eliminate violations, redress and workers prytyahculprits to justice. Majority of votes supported the session request svobodovtsev on the need to carry out appropriate checks on PAT " & quot ;. Elektrotermometriya This was reported in the press service of the Volyn Oblast PA " Freedom "