Ivano-Frankivsk, appeared in 4 fires, 1

people were rescued March 12 at 12.41 h. Valley Street Chernovola burned Storage Box household utensils in under ’ driving a 9-storey residential building. The fire damaged box. The preliminary cause of fire – careless use of fire by unidentified person. 12March at 12.46 h. in the village Pidmyhaylya Kalush district on fire in a building. The fire damaged the couch, the floor area in square meters 2, household items. On fire rescued house. The preliminary cause of fire – perekal oven. On the same day at 19.21 hours. in the village Loyeva Nadvirna there was a fire in the housingth house. The fire damaged the ceiling of the building 1.5 sq.m. The preliminary cause of fire – improper placement and operation of furnace heating. March 13 at 05.27 h. Ivano-Frankivsk Street Khotkevych burned car "Opel Omega". The fire destroyed the windshield and damaged wiring the car. On fire vryatowner of Old by car. The preliminary cause of fire – short circuit wiring of the car. Management DSNS in

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