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Vinnichane serving to training centers, where will perfect combat training (+ photos)

As part of the second phase of the fourth wave of the partial mobilization of March 10, 2015 another batch of conscripts Pogrebischenskom area residents left for training teams points Armed Forces of Ukraine. Support called up for mobilizationS countrymen except management district, city, relatives and friends arrived heads of communities, patriotic youth and caring pohrebyschany. In his speech, Deputy Head of State Administration P. Shafransky future thanked the soldiers for the shown citizenship and said the military will be mobilized PREPovku in one of the training centers of Kyiv region and if necessary take part in the ATO. He also said that more than 100 fighters from Pogrebishchensky District honorably fulfill their civic duty in the area of ??ATO and maintained communication with them, as with the district administration, and volunteers of the district as required to deliver the necessary things, Food and more. Overall progress in the area of ??mobilization is organized according to the proven and tasks. During the course of ATU 200 reservists mobilized residents Pogrebischenskom area. This was reported in the Vinnytsia Regional State Administration