In the Zhytomyr region firefighters rescued a burning house, whose owner was abroad

March 11 at 21:40 at point called ’ communication 6th State Fire and Rescue village of Brusilov was reported fire dwelling house, located in the village. Soloviyivka. To rescue « 101 » called peasants atwhile returning home from the store. They saw that the windows of the house can see the fire, and forced them to immediately call nadzvychaynykiv. Upon arrival firefighters guard next to a place call room house was completely covered by flame ’ pits. After exploration, inside they found none. Thanks to the coordinated efforts of the fighters are at 2 DSNS2:05 managed to localize the fire, and at 22:45 – completely eliminated. However, the fire managed to damage the finish room and destroy April 6 m floor. As a result of the events of dead and injured is not. On ’ it turned out that the owner of apartments went to work abroad. He asked to look after the house of his cousin. At the time of the fire in the housewas not. Firefighters suggest that the fire was due to careless burning dry grass. On the same day Brusilovsky firefighters eliminated another fire caused by burning dry vegetation. The fire occurred in the village. Korostovetz. They broke economic structure. As in the previous case, the owners of the premises were under the supervision of his relatives.Rescuers quickly coped with flame ’ holes and prevent its transfer of the neighboring building. In particular, next to a burning barn located house over the fence and the neighbor's garage. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region