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Ternopil police cooperate with representatives of the OSCE to ensure law and order in

* March 11, met Acting Chief regional police Alexander mantis Special representatives of the OSCE in Ukraine Andre Cellini and Jack Tucker. Memberdialogue discussed the impact of events that raging for over a year in eastern Ukraine, the criminal situation in the region. - The region is pretty quiet in criminogenic and politically. Sometimes there are protests on the part of some NGOs, but they become widespread and not turn into criminal Spellviolation, - the guests Alexander mantis. It is known that since the outbreak of hostilities in Donetsk and Luhansk region arrived in a considerable number of internally displaced persons. So foreigners interested in how this affects the situation in general. - Recently, increased slightly appeals to the police, however, reports of criminal claimravoporushennya diminished - Acting Head of the regional police. - Massive violations of law on the part of domestic workers there. The presence of immigrants has no negative impact on life in the region, but rather unites Ternopil inhabitants in the desire to help them. The guests shared their vision to restore public nextment in the country and described the measures to be taken for the safety of citizens, including in Ternopil. By the way, many of the members of the mission proposals already reflected in the practice of law enforcement agencies edge. In particular, according to Alexander mantis, in the recently concluded deal with the detection and removal ofbroyi and explosives that may have Ternopil area of ??TU. Also taken several measures to strengthen the protection of public order, especially in crowded places and near strategic assets. Positively representatives of international organizations rated law enforcement cooperation with NGOs edge. All participants in the dialogue withiyshlysya that such interaction is quite successful. - Many active members of various NGOs were the ranks of the police spetsbatalyonu "Ternopil" and regularly serving the zone ATO for duty - said Alexander. - Representatives of the public with police patrolling the streets of our city. Aboutdnache for more action, for their own safety, we do not engage. At the very end of the meeting Andre Cellini and Jack Tucker noted that not last visited Ternopil and pledged to work together to restore peace and order in Ukraine. SZEM Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Ternopil region