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In exactly operates a hotline for information and assistance to families of military personnel called up to the zone ATU

According to the Rivne City Centre of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth Committee of Rivne City Council, in the framework of specialized advisory services " Helpline "(tel .: (0362) 22-22-21) at 2014 year old was given 85 information services to the families of reservists called up for the partial mobilization. Statements related to the following issues: sending and receiving transmissions relatives; accrual of interest penalties on loans in "Privat"; obtain information about military service drafted in part bysecond mobilization; production licenses by ATO; reduce payments for utility services; the possibility of communication with military personnel in the area ATO; the need to treat family; providing body armor son who drafted and is in training at the range in BTU "Gorin" software form a military zone ATO; youa place of medical treatment of military personnel returning from areas ATO; · Help wounded servicemen who are being treated in city hospitals; get the average salary soldier in the workplace; placement of children in kindergartens; · Receive benefits when feeding in kindergarten;rehabilitation of children; obtain information about the soldiers who are missing in the zone ATO; determining the place of treatment servicemen returning from areas ATO; · Humanitarian assistance to civilians and military personnel in the area ATO; · Receiving psychological help depression and insomnia;· Call the father of 3 minors; · Receive benefits while paying hostel in higher education; · Land plots; obtaining thermal underwear for soldiers who are in the area ATO; repair chimney in the house with stove heating; legal assistance in probate; obtaining financial assistance for nrydbannya warm clothing for the soldiers ATO; collecting warm clothing for the soldiers ATO zone. In addition, it provided services 1 8 servicemen returning from areas ATO on: location (currently he lives in Rivne socio-psychological support), providing clothes, passport production, nutrition, treatment and prosthetic tooths. Provided services 7 20 called up for military families on partial mobilization, in particular, to address housing and domestic problems, debt restructuring, legal issues, and psychological support. As part of the charity event "What brought us to St. Nicholas' 11 children from families of reservists called up for the partial mobilizationtion received gifts for the holiday. Recall phone "Trust" for families of mobilized soldiers and volunteers who are in the area of ??ATO (0362) 22-22-21 open daily from 15:00 to 23:00, except holidays and weekends. This was reported in the Rivne City Council