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State Security Service calls Transcarpathians take care of protection of their property

last year in Transcarpathia twenty percent has increased theft. "Burglar" increasingly pluck, they do not hinder any locks and doors. Only the objects under the protection of police practically not committed theft. Head of the Ministry of Interior region UDSO Andrew Lithuaniaovchenko urges people to take care of the security of their homes and their families. After all, last year in the Transcarpathian region increased the number of thefts by 20% compared with last year. In addition, theft increasingly becomes a robbery. Disturbing in terms of burglary and is this year. Derzhohorontsi concerned, because such activity thieves, etc.omushnykiv during the first months of winter guards watching the first time in several years. Thieves are not afraid of even the presence of home owners. It is worth mentioning in case s.Storozhnytsya Uzhgorod district where criminals demanding money, the owner was tortured in the presence of his minor daughter. - Without exaggeration, it was important event- Says Andrew Lytovchenko.- It is safe to say people survived that early took care of the safety of his family apartments equipping emergency call button State Security Service. It also saved his life and that of his family. - Derzhohorontsyam had to detain criminals and threatened with a knife demanded money from the cash in onem from shops Uzhgorod. In addition, the frequent theft of goods in the shops. High activity thieves and various scams caused severe economic situation in the country - the head UDSO. Comforting is the fact that growth statistics of crime detection in "hot pursuit". To improve the professional skills of the employees of the State ServiceKeep daily briefings are special training. The police are well aware of how to act in a given situation. This supports the timely prevention of theft, robbery. First of all, the citizens themselves must take care of the defense of his home. Please be sure to secure doors and windows in their homes. Do not leave the keys in the apartmentmailboxes. Even a few minutes leave the door open. Leaving the house, do not disclose information about how much time you will be absent. Keep in mind that in the current difficult time for the country as criminals are never defiant. UDSO at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine in the Transcarpathian region