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Chernigov: Criminal damage on walls and provisions for violation improvement

Chernihiv began to prepare for Easter - staruvav month of improvement. Inspectors public utility "Plot Control for landscaping city" Chernihiv City Council for five days were 19 orders to correct violations of accomplishment stops comPlex for passenger cars. Unidentified left inscriptions on them with spray paint cans. Only they understand fonts and lettering. Obviously, the city has several groups of teenagers who obpysuyut as kiosks at stops and walls of houses in a similar style. According to chief engineer "polling stations to monitor the accomplishment destination" Paul BolshoiCova, inspectors may affect only the consequences - to monitor recovery improvement. But the police, that police may detain. Punish offenders adminkomisiya and some trial and. According to Assistant Chief of Police Chernihiv Relations with the media Natalia Chovpylo, on the night of 6 to 7 March unidentified obpysaly etc.ymischennya Basin water resources on Victory Avenue, 39. City Department of Internal Affairs launched criminal proceedings under Part 1 of Article 194 (intentional destruction of or damage to property), which may result in a criminal record. Such acts are punishable by a fine up to 50 tax-free minimum incomes, or correctional labor for up to 2 yearsOr imprisonment for up to 3 years. Police spokesman Chernihiv added that in 2014 there were 10 such detentions "artists". Thus, near Rokossovskogo police arrested 22-year-old young man who inflicted inscriptions spray paint. Since the beginning of this year have arrested four. According to Natalia Chovpylo detained, including 16-rechna girl who made signs to the entrance street, Kovel, 83. For her parents responsible under Article 184 of the Administrative Code (Action for teenagers from 14 to 16 years). Three more, older, will be punished under Article 152. This fine 20-80 exemption limits, which ranges from 340 to 1360 USD. In any case, this is betteris not allowed. Here are just parents find the right words to convince children and that such actions no benefit. It is better not to spoil improvement, because it harms Chernihiv, the city's economy, significantly affects the family budget. According to KP "Plot Control for beautification of the city"