In Zhytomyr police exposed the thief on ... chicken feathers

in a village in the district Chervonoarmiiskyi people appropriated neighborhood chickens and secretly vypotroshyv them in the back room of his relative. During the pre-trial investigation police have set all the circumstances of the theft. Now the results of the criminal proceedings submitted to the Courtin. On the disappearance of five chickens district inspector pozhalilasya resident of one of the villages Chervonoarmiiskyi area. The applicant said that her domestic fowl freely roamed outside the household, and sometimes fall on the neighbor's yard. Together with a woman police officer came to her neighbor. Male objected on the review of its premises domohosbased and, to my surprise, I found out that someone in his barn recently still kept poultry. By the way, the husband's own zhyvyny had. Having asked the owner about his recent visitors, the police learned of his brother's visit. According to the man, a relative went to cart pokrutyvsya the yard and went quickly. So he did not understand why hegranted. Therefore, the next, who came to district police officers, was 37-year-old resident of a nearby village. He also was involved in the disappearance of poultry. - On the day the man decided to punish his brother in a nearby village, - says head of the police station Chervonoarmiiskyi Victor Lysyuk. - Seeing other people in his yard chickens guestwithout hesitation, drove the bird in an empty barn, twisted neck and threw them into the bag. While home animals did not notice the loss - he quickly went away. During the investigation, the man admitted his guilt and things. Now the criminal proceedings to the court. Men under sanctions century. 185 (theft) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine, Bootozhuye punishment from fines to imprisonment for a term of 3 years. Press Service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs Ukraine in Zhytomyr region According to the District Police Chervonoarmiiskyi