In the Zhytomyr region deblokuvaly rescue man from damage from the accident vehicle

March 9 at 17:15 on the item called ’ communications 16th State Fire and Rescue downtown Radomishl was reported that occurred in the village of road Krymok accident. To rescue « 101 » byphoned the ambulance workers who have arrived to the scene. On ’ it turned out that the driver of a minibus « Volkswagen & raquo ;, lost control, drove into the curb and overturned in a ditch. In avtivtsi were four people, including the driver and one passenger – died at the scene. Another passenger, 1985 Birthdayent, received lethal wound of the head, but received first aid at the scene of subsequent hospitalization refused. Inside, the same car was another passenger, who zatyslo. Rescuers using hydraulic tools and benzoriza managed to get the victim and handed it to the hands of doctors. Man hospitalized in Radomlskoho center of primary health care from the slaughter wound spine. Currently, the state of man is very difficult. Specialists set all the circumstances of the accident that resulted in injury and death. In DSNS in Zhytomyr region