In Chernihiv region rescuers cleared 82 ammunition WWII

March 8 at 15:30 to the Department DSNS Ukraine in Chernihiv region was reported to detect an open area near the village. Ivangorod Ichnya District mines of 40 items. They noticed while plowing the fields tractor. Q Placeent Munitions was taken into police protection. The next day came on the scene pyrotechnic group of the DSNS in. During the supplementary survey of the territory seized 42 more ammo WWII. All findings, namely 46 mortar shells caliber 50 mm, 32 blasters, 2 granaty CHS-33 and 2 artillery shells caliber 122 mm and 76 were destroyed by explosive demolition at 14:50. With this remind rescuers. In the case of hazardous or suspicious objects, in any case do not touch their hands and not move immediately stop any work near them. On a dangerous discovery immediately inform the police and fire-savingnu service, call 101 and 102. With sticks, ropes or bright fabrics outfitting place of discovery. Do not allow people to him, and especially children. Take them to a distance of at least 100 m. Wait until the arrival of special services to precisely specify the location and circumstances of detecting dangerous objects. UDSNS in Chernihiv region