In Lviv police accused civil servant, which inflicted losses PUD

official abuse of office, paid utility damages in the amount of nearly 800 thousand. As established police, head of the liquidation committee of public utility company improperly conducted an inventory of DOSovnyh assets, intangible assets, inventories, cash and documents of the company. Due to neglect public servants perform their duties, the company suffered significant losses. In particular, police found that officials were reliably known facts kidnapping water pipelineb and other assets, but no measures to prevent embezzlement and save it it did not take. In fact opened criminal proceedings under Part 2 st.367 (negligence) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Sanction article provides for punishment of imprisonment for a term of two to five years with disqualification to hold certain positionsor engage in certain activities for up to three years and with a fine of two hundred fifty to one hundred tax-free minimum incomes, or without it. CCA Interior Ministry of Ukraine in Lviv region by Natalia Postoico materials, Assistant Chief Drogobytskyy MB