In Volyn during family conflict woman hit her husband with a knife

casualties with penetrating wounds delivered in Lutsk city hospital. Volynyantsi faces up to eight years in prison. In Lutsk Gorotdel police received a report that a surgical department with penetrating stab wounds abdomen DostWilly 46-year-old local resident. By calling immediately went investigative team. Law enforcement officers found that people received injuries during an argument with his wife. The preset the couple decided on a glass note 8 March. Being pretty drunk, they began to quarrel. As a result, the woman grabbed the knife to hit usof man in the stomach. During the inspection of the scene police seized a knife with a brown residue on the blade. Details of the event included in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations ch. 1, Art. 121 (intentional grievous bodily harm) of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. For the perfect woman faces up to eight years in prison. SZEM Internal Affairs of UkraineVolyn region