Chernivtsi region: the fires that have emerged in the last 4 days, killed man was injured another

on March 10 in the village Dynivtsi Novoselytsia district in a residential building local resident born 1938 fire. Notification of fire to fire and rescue units arrived at 03:25 from residents of neighboring houses, who noticed Mr.ebezpeku already when flame ’ I have spread throughout the building. Contributed to the rapid spread of fire and trees ’ volved the construction of buildings. There was a fire in the attic of the building. Landlady, who lived alone, noticed the danger and went up to the attic to save on their own property, but because of strong smoke fainted and fell. By cityistsem call was sent to rescue the city Novoselytsya and local fire department Dynivtsi village. Firefighters brought the fire, and subsequently eliminated the danger. Unfortunately, due to late detection of fire to help a woman has not been able to. The dead body was sent for forensic examination to town Novoselytsia to determine the cause of CMEPTI. According to preliminary information, the fire led to the violation of fire safety in the operation of furnace heating. March 7 in the village Molodiya Hlybotskyi area during a fire in a building travmuvalasya landlady, a woman born in 1930. How can ’ it turned out, the woman tried to ignite the furnace using flammable substances, thethat through their own negligence fire spread to the woman and close things are in the house. Residents of neighboring houses helped the woman to go out. There were leaving town rescuers. Deep and local fire protection villages onion and Valya Kuzmina. Firefighters quickly eliminated the fire, not allowing further spread of firenude. Flame ’ holes destroyed household goods. This was saved from destruction house. Landlady was hospitalized in the hospital with a diagnosis of Chernivtsi, thermal burns II-III degree right body. Condition heavy women. From the beginning, in the Chernivtsi region emerged 168 fires, of which theprematurely cut short the life of 14 Bukovinians another 2 people were injured. Management DSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region appeals to people: follow fire safety rules, which does not require any super but makes it possible to save their lives and health ’ i. Pam ’ Note that the fire easier to prevent than to eliminateits consequences. Press Service UDSNS Ukraine in Chernivtsi region