In the Rivne region mobile working group reaches every

immigrants Mobile Working Group Rivne District Employment visited the village Obarzym forced to assist displaced persons who have not yet applied to the employment center. People who are forced by fate to move from the area of ??counter-terrorism operations metchayutsya many problems: housing, social protection, lack of work. To help them adapt to the new place of residence, Rivne regional employment center conducts visits mobile workgroups. In particular, on March 5 this group visited the village Obarzym, which is home to 5 people of working age who have not applied for services toemployment center. During interviews with experts settlers Employment talked about the services provided by the employment service, access to training and retraining, job prospects. In conclusion, the settlers received booklets and roadmaps for internally displaced persons in the Rivne region.Experts were invited to visit them soon Rivne regional employment center. Overall for 2014 and January-February 2015 registered in Rivne RTSZ 32 were internally displaced persons. During this period employed 10 people, 6 were training and retraining, 2 persons involved in temporary work. PRo is reported in Rivne city employment center