In Khmelnytsky police detained a car with arms

City center workers Khmelnitsky Organized Crime Department arrested the car in which the men in camouflage clothing carrying multiple weapons and ammunition. Information on transportation of weapons to the duty of the Department for Combating Organized Crime MIA of Ukraine in Khmelnitskyfield phone gave man who called himself not. In the course of further verification message confirmed. In that place workers calling UBOZ stopped the car in the cabin which there were few people in camouflage clothing. Men fighters introduced one of the military units of Ukraine. When browsing inside a vehiclevehicle police found a Kalashnikov rifle, a grenade RGD-5 with fervor, 160 cartridges caliber 5.45, revolver and pistol type "Flaubert". During the investigative and operational activities found that detainees are not really soldiers called them units. Currently, the police find out the origin and legality of weapons seized induring the raid. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Khmelnytsky region