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In Ternopil to your bike thieves prey did not, do not leave it unattended

With the onset of warm season bike is gaining popularity as a vehicle of our countryman. And demand is growing dvokolisnyky not only fans of this type of transport, but also in the asylum easy money. Recently, more and more law enforcemente reports of stolen bikes. Suffering from thieves owners who left their two-wheeled vehicles without proper supervision at entrances of buildings, near shops, supermarkets and so on. Steal Bikes regardless of model and price. For dvokolisnyky thieves - a commodity that can easily steal and quickly soldyou. Rover in demand not only in the city but also in rural areas. From velozlodiya injured 35-year-old resident of Zbarazh district. Woman, as always, leave their vehicles in the yard at night and in the morning it already was. Law enforcement officers quickly responded to the message and within hours, not only tracked down a suspect in theftsthese, but returned dvokolisnyk owner. Was involved in the illegal 25-year-old victim odnoselchanyn. The suspect only a few days ago was released from prison, where he spent more than three years for similar offenses. Once released, he was again drawn to the old craft. For theft moons will be punished. Rightguards charged under Article 185 of the Criminal Code - theft. The police again and again urge cyclists to be careful and not to leave their vehicles unattended. If there is such a need, ask someone you trust, pryhlyanuty him or use a reliable bicycle locks. Keep dvokolisnyky indoors with strong formkamy. Never leave your bike at night in doorways, take them home. Law enforcement officers also appeal to people who buy stolen bicycles for the purpose of resale. Note that for such criminal liability. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region