In the Zhytomyr region lifeguards warn citizens to ban burning dry grass and crop residues

Historically, the fall in their gardens citizens burning fallen leaves, spring – last year's grass. With the establishment of warm dry weather the fire and rescue departments are increasingly involved in fire suppression in ecosystems, due to careless handling of fire, ordinary negligence, burning dry vegetation and it remains in open areas. However, Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center reported that projected for the current week is quite high, for this period, temperature – 8 to 14 degrees Celsius during the day. In connection ’connection with this State Treasury of Ukraine of Emergencies in Zhytomyr Oblast urges people to abandon the practice of burning fallen leaves ‚ dry grass and other plant debris. For each arson not only severely damage the environment, but also leads to other negative consequences, bringing the threat to life and health ’ U people. Innocent, seemingly burning can lead to large-scale fires threaten the destruction of dwellings and people's lives. Furthermore, it should be noted that the fire destroyed not only dead wood, but also seeds and roots of living plants, damaged the lower parts of trees and shrubs. It destroys the humus, soil formation organisms die and tankdiphtheria, which play an important role in microbiological processes and help plants absorb nutrients. This leads to the deterioration of soil quality and, consequently, to a decrease in yield. When burning leaves and other plant debris released into the air harmful chemicals that reduce human immunity, allergy,respiratory diseases, increase negative chronic course, and contribute to the development of cancer. Often burning dry grass grows in large-scale fire. The rate of spread of fire during such fires is extremely high, so locate them in open areas is very difficult. Especially dangerous is burningI dry grass in the fields, through which the high-voltage power lines near the forest. In settlements burning dry grass or leaves home gardens can grow in an uncontrolled combustion. It threatens to destroy buildings and structures housing sector. In addition, the deterioration of visibility on roads due to smoke from these baGat may cause accidents. Department of Civil Service of Ukraine of Emergencies in Zhytomyr Oblast recalls that for unauthorized burning dry vegetation or residual provides for administrative and criminal liability. Such actions threaten the environment and pose a risk to Ms.ttya people. Rescuers warned: do not incinerate dry grass in the forest, in the field, garden, near their buildings! Be careful with open flames, with matches and cigarettes. If you notice a small grass fire or smoldering litter of abandoned fire, try to extinguish it yourself. Sometimes it is simply trample flame (evenyou need to wait and make sure that the grass or litter is really not glow, or fire may occur again). If the fire can not be put out on their own – immediately call the Operational Rescue Service « 101 & raquo ;, report any center of fire and specify the exact place of its location. Only joint efforts ryatuvalnykiv conscious attitude and citizens can create a reliable barrier to large-scale fires! In DSNS in Zhytomyr region