Beauty Lieutenant cares about the order in Ternopil

While the city sleeps, calm it protects not only stout men in police uniform. So on a night patrol Ternopil and beauty Eugene Ivask. Still very young, she was lieutenant of militia at the level of fellow men care about law and order and security. Due to its persistence andEugene professionalism once again proved that the fairer sex are worthy of honorary title policeman. Woman working Inspector regional police precinct. In this position Eugene involved in the organization of the district inspectors, carries out their checks. We have to take an appeal from the public and go on patrol cityBecause now enhanced mode of service. On duty are different unpleasant and dangerous situations, especially in the current troubled times, when the East and the peace of the city can get weapons and saboteurs. His work she loves for something that can really help people. Become Guardians Eugene wanted since childhood: first a podoBalas police uniform, then the desire grew into a specific purpose. So, after graduating from Lviv State University of Internal Affairs, the girl was police. On occasion was good physical shape. Childhood Eugene actively involved in sports, continues today. Among the sporting achievements of girls - athletics, volleyball, table tennisand even judo and sambo. - When a woman chooses a career in law enforcement structures in the concessions given to gender can not be, - says lieutenant. - So try to maintain good physical shape. Influence profession and character. Eugene says that for two years in law enforcement noticed that become more responsible, enduringand persistent. Also forming ability Psychologist: when people bring treatment to want to listen to them and reassuring. A woman with a divided life more readily upheavals. While in the service, which employs girl, only two women, Eugene feels discomfort. He says male colleagues are nice and respectful, willing to help. In the men's Collectiveyvi work easier than in women, says Eugene Ivask. - Work in the police makes a woman stronger and more resilient even tougher. But do not forget about his calling - to bring beauty and harmony, to continue the human race. So learn to be both strong and when required - a weak and fragile - smiles militsionerka. But the holiday is 8znya Eugene Ivask all women have a good and nezradlyvoyi fate, dreams and every day was full of joy. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region