In Ternopil police searching for the thieves who robbed a church in the area Pidvolochysk

Two ancient religious books of the house, in the village of Old Skalat Pidvolochysk District, stole the night unknown. Law enforcement officers are searching for persons involved in the crime. Notice of stealing from church came to the police station staff about March 716 hours from the priest. At the scene left investigative team. The police found that thieves penetrated into the middle, vidvazhyvshy metal-plastic windows. From the church kidnapped two religious books 1860 edition. Details for this fact made in the Unified Register of pre-trial investigations under paragraph 3 of Article 185 of the Criminal Codeand - stealing. Police searching for thieves and turn to citizens. If anyone knows anything about the crime, report by calling 102. The absence of any protection systems in most religious buildings makes them easy targets for intruders gain. Thieves do not stop for anything, and personal enrichment are not afraidI raise my hand even on holidays. In every church there are things that are not only spiritual, artistic and historical value, but also considerable material. Most churches, particularly in rural areas, are sufficiently separated from other buildings, which allows attackers to easily penetrate them and commit theft. Guardians zaklykayutb rector of the church and their parishioners to do everything possible to equip the church means a technical alarm and take care of lighting buildings in night-time. SZEM Internal Affairs of Ukraine in Ternopil region