In Chernivtsi region avtozlochyny Punishment

Crime — one of the functions of the police employee. Disclosure crimes committed directly for the State during traffic control, special events, and together with other law enforcement units. In the collection of information preparedpolice veteran Vladimir Drayukom, it is a result of recent decisions on matters related ’ knitted misappropriation of vehicles, theft from vehicles, other « car crime & raquo ;. Operation « interception » on touring By direct involvement in the illegal seizure of vehiclesOm criminal charges in Bukovina recently brought 25-year-old Dekanskoho, Poltava region. Established that the announcement online August 8, 2014 in Chernivtsi person involved came to a private entrepreneur to buy foreign-made motorcycles increased power and comfort valued at 46,440 USD. AfterI am agreeing with the seller trading conditions deal, asked permission to test trucks in motion. Sat behind the wheel and a yard ’ I am the owner disappeared. However, only a day – the next day and « & raquo ;, wheels and the temporary owner of police during search operations complex operations « interception » by eyeChernivtsi face « & raquo ;. out On tour in which he was accused was found guilty by the court in full and perfect for four years and three months « sent » by barbed wire. Defining about ’ Capacity punishment servants of Themis included that person involved is still the same offense in Dnipropetrovsk and theft of fatbers of passenger cars in Poltava regions already twice « reported » before the court. Shot « dyad » September 7, 2014 the first 34-year-old with. Novoselytskyi homestead area in « asset » which still had four convictions for theft, grievous bodily harm and robbery, and almost twenty (!) years&Laquo; & raquo ;, his release in one of the game stores acquired a regional center travmatiki – Gun « SASMakarov & rdquo ;. Almost immediately his colleagues buy « washed » and on the street. Gaidar decided to practice shooting. This resulted in a car « Mitsubishi » roztroschv and side window manes value in 4456Heugnes. Of course, now been identified by the involvement of malicious hooliganism once again two and a half years serving behind barbed wire. By the same verdict he committed ’ later originated compensate the victim caused material damage. Gloves thieves from punishment shall deliver For a series of attacks on someone else's property to criminal responsiblesibility recently held once n ’ yatero 17-19-year-old with. Cherepkivka and Kam ’ Janko Hlybotskyi area. About two in the morning July 15, 2014 officers patrol MIA, who examined their designated area of ??responsibility, on the boulevard Heroes of Stalingrad regional center, drew attention to Solderrkovanyy against the rules passenger car brands « & raquo ;. VAZ Even greater suspicion of law enforcement caused by the fact that the driver and four passengers immediately in the cabin were in … gloves, and in the cargo separated by car kept three jacks, a set of tools, spare wheel from three « AUDI » and two tape and Funnelsneither of « meat & raquo ;. So boys Telegram ’ kindly invited to the police department and sit in different rooms. I have not been able to start a conversation with them, as called for spetsliniyu ’ communication « 102 » MIA was informed immediately of the three applicants committed to their vehicles stolen parts and personal belongings.Finally, detained, realizing that their « map » bit, turns, and zvalyuyuchy blame each other, confessed that they committed these crimes. Later in the course of criminal proceedings was documented involvement of the criminal group to seven theft of property from cars and shops committed during February – July 2014 inDeep district center, surrounding villages and Terebleche Pryvoroky and Chernivtsi, in which the owners had suffered property damage in the amount of 3180 USD. Recently young thieves took « pride » place in the dock and direct involvement in these attacks suffered condign punishment – previously convicted organizer group waszyatyy custody and « sent » by barbed wire a year and two months, and his accomplices were sentenced to punishments not related ’ ix imprisonment knitted – to 80-100 hours of community service. By the same verdict avtozlodiyiv Liabilities ’ later originated compensate victims damages.